Elwin Parka And HyBridge Perren Jacket Black Label


Elwin Parka

Women's Elwin Parka | Canada Goose

Effortlessly transition through the seasons with the versatile Elwin, an above-the-knee parka with lightweight sleeves. Take off the hood and fold down the shearling collar through fall, or enjoy the full protection and cozy feel of the removable shearling lining inside the hood as temperatures drop.



HyBridge Perren Jacket Black Label

Women's HyBridge Perren Jacket Black Label | Canada Goose

Stretch your limits with a functional performance piece that offers uncompromising warmth and breathability. Featuring strategically placed Tensile-Knit fabric at the elbow, underarm and hem, this jacket maximizes comfort and flexibility. Wear it with the hood hidden in the exaggerated collar on warmer days.